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Featured project:

Vegans of Hawai'i - 140'000 Strong?

A Vegan Photographer's Journey of the Islands

These are the stories of the individuals in Hawai'i that are bringing forth the downfall of animal exploitation industries such as agriculture, vivisection and fashion. They are out to heal the planet and free up land, that would otherwise be used to produce animal feed, to grow food for people that are in need of food.

According to facebook 140'000 people in the State of Hawai'i are interested in Veganism with a population of 1.4 Million (10%) hence Andreas lead photographer of Dynamic Eye Studios is starting a photographic project to showcase the Vegans of Hawai'i with portraits of their dreams, their entrepreneurial endeavors, their relationships, the food they indulge in, the island they love and the things they don't support: animal agriculture and slaughterhouses.

The goals of this photographic project are to:

• produce a 2017, all age, race and gender inclusive calendar "Vegans of Hawai'i" with the most inspirational interviews for the world to enjoy

• grow the membership numbers of groups like the Vegan Leaders in Corporate Management, vegan facebook groups and other vegan organizations.

• show prints at the 2016 VegFest Oahu in September

• if enough funds can be raised, bring the entire Hip Hop is Green tour 10th Element of Hip HopThe  to Hawai'i

If you would like to be featured in this project, or your business, please use the contact tab of this website.

For updates and featured individuals like and turn on notifications on our Facebook page. We also have a unique Instagram account that is set aside for this project that you can follow and set up notifications too.

Vegetarian/Vegan Resort Photography

In April 2016 Andreas lead photographer of DES was contracted to photograph for the new website of Polestar Gardens in Pahoa Hawai'i. He created photographs depicting the facility, the accommodations, the activities, the local attractions and portraits of the staff. The new website will go online in June or July.

Their Facebook page's cover photo was composed from two images created by Andreas on location.

Special EFX and Pyro Photography

Special Effects and Pyro Photography

Also known as slow sync photography

How many photographers do you know are capable of making a science fiction ray gun fire in camera without photoshop?

Light painting can be taken to all new levels once a photographer has worked with fire spinning "flow artists" that utilize either LED props or fire props.

Take a look at this slide show for more inspiration.

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