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Red Panda Acrobats

Red Panda Acrobats @ SF VegFest 2014

Wayne Huey's acrobatic skills include juggling, balancing objects, unicycling, and handstands. His master teacher in China is the well known artist Mr. Niu Gui Zhang of the Tai Yuan Acrobatic Troupe in Shannxi Province. He is based in San Francisco and performs year round for the Red Panda Acrobats in a variety of venues and events.

Wayne's family is from Kaiping City, located in the province of Canton, China. His various hobbies include practicing Tai Chi and martial arts, baking, and newsletter desktop publishing.


The Moonsaults

The Moonsaults @ Outside The Golden Gate Theater

For booking information contact themoonsaults@gmail.com


Vegan Event Planners:

Karine Brighten Events

Big Ideas With a Small Carbon Footprint

San Francisco Bay Area's first Green-Certified event service specialist

Vegan Crowdfunding Websites:


Free online fundraising for anything

Honey Fund

The free honeymoon registry

Vegan Hair Stylists:

Nicole Goodman @Tetrachromat Studio

Vegan Makeup Artists/Resources:

Logical Harmony (vegan beauty and lifestyle blog)

Brittni J Coleman

Ruby Envy Beauty


Vegan Models:

DES' Vegan Model Mayhem List

Joanna @ I Rock Raw

Vegan Performance Artists:

Red Panda Acrobats

Veg* Bands:

Vegan Hip Hop Movement (Music/Social Justice Blog)

SF Bay Area:

Earth Amplified (Hip Hop, Reggae)

Yvette Young (Math Rock)

Covet (Math Rock)

Gaviotas (Risistance Rock)

Cello Joe (Cello, Beatboxing, Singing & Looping - Classical Hip-Hop) 

Sally Haggard (Americana)

The Moonsaults (Sixties influenced Rock 'n' Roll)

Commissure (Instrumental Rock)

Out of the SF Bay Aera:

The Devil's Train (Rockabilly, Disbanded)

Loom! (Hardcore Vegan Rock With Epic Violin, Disbanded)

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